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Keeping up with global trends is a challenge when it comes to software maintenance. Falling behind in this ongoing battle can lead to being overtaken by competitors. As you reach the point where upgrading your software becomes necessary, we are here to assist you in migrating your applications or data to a newer and superior platform. Software re-engineering and migration empower you to embrace innovation and maintain a competitive edge. Our services encompass both data and application migration, ensuring a seamless transition to a new technology stack. We ensure that your software migration is smooth, efficient, and cost-effective.

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5 Key Benefits

Improvements, patches for bug fixing and security updates no longer work, which makes the app vulnerable. We make sure to migrate it to the latest technology stack to overcome these issues.

Initially, promising technology is replaced by a more effective and advanced alternative. The re-engineering process becomes a necessity here, and we make sure to keep up with technology.

If the product was initially confined to the ideal solution of a limited number of tasks in clearly defined process conditions, it might be necessary to make changes to the software. PieCyfer will do that for you.

Suppose the current solution limits the software performance and does not work well. The businesses are poorly affected here, and reengineering might help achieve a higher-quality product.

We, as a staffing agency, maintain an established and ever-growing network of available talent. Depending on the terms of your agreement, we provide industry-specific training, and our broad database of qualified employees enables quick response.

Industries We Serve

Software Re-Engineering & Migration with PieCyfer

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planning & analysis

Planning & Analysis

Our expert team conducts a comprehensive analysis to determine the final performance and functionality criteria for the software. We then strategically identify which features need to be updated or removed, ensuring a streamlined and optimized solution.
migration & testing

Migration & Testing

We minimize risks and accelerate the migration process with automation. Our skilled quality testing team conducts rigorous testing to ensure the software meets the highest standards of quality and functionality. We conduct manual testing to ensure attention to detail.
creating ui

Creating an All-New UI

We place great importance on designing a visually appealing and user-friendly experience. Our team excels in crafting a new, dynamic, and browser-friendly interface that is compatible with a wide range of devices. With this, we aim to leave a lasting positive impression on your users.

What Do We Provide At PieCyfer?

platform migration

Platform Migration

We offer platform migration services from a diverse range of sources, ensuring a seamless transition from one operating environment to another. Whether it's a single system or a large-scale setup with multiple applications, we handle every form of migration with expertise and precision.
database migration

Database Migration

When legacy database management systems reach the end of their life cycle and lack support, they pose significant risks to security and data integrity. We assist in migrating your database to a newer, more secure system with enhanced architecture and robust security measures.
language migration

Language Migration

To enhance efficiency, security, and future readiness, it becomes essential to migrate to modern and updated programming languages. PieCyfer offers expert assistance to businesses in migrating to advanced languages, making your systems more efficient, secure, and future-proof.

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