Cloud Solution

Cloud Solutions
Are you having trouble with your existing IT capacity as your business scales? Migrating applications to the cloud can help accommodate new infrastructure and services while mitigating risks, maximizing performance, and promoting business growth. It is also essential for enterprises to decide the cloud migration approach, and whether a public, private, or hybrid approach suits their needs. At Piecyfer, our cloud migration services help in moving your applications, infrastructure, and other relevant business processes to Cloud, thus freeing up your valuable infrastructure. With extensive expertise in delivering an exceptional experience, our cloud migration and development services ensure application speeds are constantly maintained. We also use third-party tools and pre-defined templates designed for your unique workload. Join us and discover how we streamline cloud migrations in a hassle-free manner.

What We Offer

Cloud Readiness Validation
We sit down with our clients to validate whether cloud migration is justified or not, while also notifying the client about the cost of ownership and the performance metrics which can be achieved for each workload.
Infrastructure Validation
During this phase, we ensure your infrastructure can withstand the process of cloud migration without too many issues. This includes looking at multiple dependencies, available servers, codebase, and overall workload.
Migration Setup
Once we have decided on the type of cloud architecture (public/private/hybrid) we ensure all items for migration follow our checklist which considers factors such as downtime, migration order, transition deadlines, etc.
Migration Go-live
We begin migrating your entire application or infrastructure to the cloud while simultaneously checking for issues. This entire process is followed by in-depth testing of all variables to ensure migration has been successfully completed.
Migration Testing
This phase is extremely important as it's the last stage before actual migration takes place. A load test is performed, and an application is migrated and then checked for performance and stability issues. We also perform penetration testing and regulatory compliance checks as well.